Monday, January 4, 2010

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Hi guys! This is Haigen and my wedding blog. We'll be using it to keep peeps up to date and in the know. It's going to be, like, so super hip. OMG. JK. LMAO.

Um, but for real though, this is where you can all find out info about the exact venue location, lodging, etc. just as soon as we have that shit figured out. Because, let's be real here, wedding planning is not exactly our cup o tea.

Although! This weekend Haigen did design our Save The Dates and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. He's meeting with the printer tomorrow, and you all should be receiving them soon. Which, that sentence is actually kind of funny because the first knowledge most of you will have of this blog is when you see the address printed at the bottom of your Save The Date. So then you'll come back here and read this and be all, "No shit."

I will also probably use this space to post wedding-y delights as I discover them. Just little teasers to let you all know what we're looking at. I know I'm kind of a pain in the ass about the actual process of getting married, but after working with Haigen on the Save The Dates I can definitely see why people like doing this stuff.

Because we're planing a celebration of love for the people we love. And that? It's pretty bad ass.


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